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Reverse Transcription Kit – RP1300

It is a kit for synthesizing high quality first strand cDNA.
RNA, respectively.

Reverse Transcription Kit – RP1300

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This kit contains ExcelRT ™ Reverse
Transcriptase, which is capable of synthesizing the first
cDNA strand at 37 ~ 50 ° C. The ExcelRT ™ Reverse
Transcriptase is a recombinant murine Moloney.
Leukemia virus reverse transcriptase (M-MLV), which is a
is designed to reduce the activity of RNase H and to create
better thermal stability. This kit also contains RNAok ™
RNase inhibitor, which is active against RNase A,
RNase B and RNase C. This product is supplied with
oligo (dT) 20 and random hexamers, which are used for
synthesize cDNA from poly(A) and total tail mRNA.

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