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Committed to your success, beyond sales

Engineering services

Beyond sales, we are proud to offer a robust set of services designed to ensure that our customers always get the most out of our products. From preventive and corrective maintenance to technical support and metrology consulting, our expert team is ready to provide fast and efficient solutions to any challenge that may arise. With the GENTECH Easy Share plan, we even offer temporary replacement equipment, ensuring that your operations never stop. No matter the challenge, we are committed to providing the knowledge and assistance you need to achieve your laboratory and research goals.

Marketing and technical service

Conventional and real-time thermal cyclers

Automated liquid handlers


CO2 incubators

Spare parts

PCR workstations

Biological safety cabinets

Electrophoresis systems


Automated nucleic acid extraction systems (DNA/RNA)


"Thanks to the loan of PCR kits, reagents and instruments, we are able to provide high quality and accurate veterinary diagnostic services. They are a key part of our laboratory.

Daniel Chinchilla

"Thanks to Gentech Biosciences we are able to offer accurate and reliable results in our clinical laboratory. Their quality and efficiency are critical to our success."


Gentech Easy Share Share Easy service

Performing scheduled maintenance processes not only ensures optimal performance and good performance of laboratory equipment, but it is also a strategic investment that ensures the continuity and efficiency of operations in your laboratory. In an environment where accuracy and reliability are paramount, minimizing the risk of failure is crucial. Unanticipated failures can result in unexpected operating costs, equipment downtime, production delays and, in the worst case, unreliable test results. In this way, maintenance and repair services not only protect your equipment, but also support the integrity of your work and your reputation in the industry.

We understand that laboratory equipment is the backbone of your operations and that any downtime can have a significant impact on your work. In such cases, we are ready to provide a prompt solution. Our work team supports you with the temporary delivery of a replacement equipment with similar characteristics that will fulfill the same function, allowing you to continue your operations without setbacks. This service is completely free of contracts, hidden costs and complicated paperwork, and is available no matter where you originally purchased your equipment. Our goal is to minimize your stress and maximize the continuity of your operations. The only cost you are responsible for is the cost of freight and travel when the service is performed outside Antioquia.

Our promise goes beyond words, it is embodied in every service we offer, in every piece of replacement equipment we provide, in every minute of downtime we prevent. We are here for you, every step of the way, because your success is our success.

Customized solutions for your projects


  • A remote meeting or face-to-face visit is conducted to understand and assess the specific needs of customers and users.
  • The best route to capture and collect data is established to characterize the scope, challenges and needs of the users.
  • The objective is to carry out an adequate characterization of the needs expressed by the users.

of data

  • The most appropriate data capture, measurement and quantification route is applied to the needs identified in the previous primary approach meeting.
  • Captured data is weighted and analyzed to establish milestones and map a roadmap for the next stage.
  • The objective is to establish milestones and a clear path to follow to advance the project.

& approval

  • A roadmap and/or work plan is designed to address the challenges and needs identified in steps 1 and 2.
  • Timeline of activities and specific objectives aimed at the required solution.
  • The objective is to satisfy the requirements and needs of the users after approval of the work plan.

Execution & Continuous Improvement

  • Once approved by consensus between the parties, the established schedule of activities is executed.
  • The schedule is regularly monitored to achieve the proposed objectives and deliverables.
  • The objective is to adapt to the needs and solutions required by customers and users at each stage of implementation, correction and continuous improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Easy Share service consist of?

The Easy Share service allows our customers to continue their work thanks to the loan of our equipment while they are waiting for or repairing their equipment.

How long can easy share be used?

Easy Share is designed to accommodate the time needed for each project, understanding that the needs vary according to our clients' projects.

Who can access the Easy Share service?

Any of our customers who need to repair their equipment or whose waiting time does not allow them to carry out their projects.

Is there a limit to the number of teams or type of teams in easy share mode?

The limit as to the amount of equipment depends on the project in question for each of our clients.

Contact the area in charge

Our customer service is ready to answer any questions about our services.

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