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Laboratory Services

Discover Gentech Laboratory Services, the one-stop solution for your molecular biology needs. From the rigorous verification of methods to the development of specific and adapted solutions, our team of experts works to ensure the quality and efficiency of your laboratory operations. Through our Training Center, we offer comprehensive and up-to-date training in the theory and practice of molecular biology and biotechnology. Equipped with the latest technology, our training center provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you are a healthcare professional, an undergraduate or graduate student, or a life sciences specialist, our laboratory services are designed to strengthen your skills and increase your knowledge in molecular biology.

Our commitment to the quality of our service and our products, makes our laboratory unit check the functionality and correct performance of the commercial methods that reach our customers.

Verification of methods.

This scenario allows us to guarantee the performance of the methods and provide more precise and timely support, since our technical-scientific team has first-hand knowledge of how the methods work and the strategies to maximize the performance and efficiency of the tests.

Method development

As identified need and the requirement for more targeted and locally specific tests and methods.

The scientific team of GENTECH Biosciences, accompanies research groups and institutions in the design of methods for different applications, from the procurement and selection of standards, to the construction of validation tests (sensitivity, specificity, repeatability, reproducibility), ensuring the recognition of tests by national regulatory bodies and high quality in the analysis and diagnostic results.

Training center

Training Center Video

Technological unit and molecular biology laboratory, assisted by professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the many areas of application of molecular biology and biotechnology, equipped with the latest equipment and automated processes, which allows the user to have a unique experience, where not only update their theoretical knowledge, but the possibility of training in the handling and programming of the latest technology equipment, which are currently being used in reference laboratories worldwide.


Acquire basic laboratory skills for the operation, implementation and start-up of methodologies and techniques based on molecular and cellular biology for industry or research.

Theory and Practice

Become fully trained (theoretical-practical), to acquire fundamental skills and abilities in the management and implementation of molecular biology tools.


Types of training

Aimed at

Our Training Center is aimed at the following profiles. If you do not fit these profiles, please contact us.




Environmental Engineers



Pharmaceutical chemists

Health professionals

Undergraduate and graduate students

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Our laboratory team is ready to answer any questions you may have about our corporate programs.

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