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EZ-10 Spin Column Blood Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit

Rapid and reliable extraction of genomic DNA from blood samples.

EZ-10 Spin Column Blood Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit

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Spin EZ-10 column kits provide a fast, simple and efficient method for the purification of genomic DNA from various sources such as bacteria, plant tissue, animal tissue, cells and blood. By taking advantage of our silica-based DNA purification technology, DNA is selectively adsorbed on the silica-based membrane embedded in the EZ-10 spin column. Other components and impurities flow through the column or are removed during the washing steps. The genomic DNA is then eluted from the column and can be readily used in most downstream applications, including restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, Southern blotting, etc. The purification procedure used in these kits does not require the use of hazardous compounds such as phenol, chloroform or CsCl. DNA is purified without additional ethanol precipitation steps.

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